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Rights and Entitlements

Raising Awareness

Village level Adhikaar Samitis are formed in each village as a forum to raise community issues and put forth demands. Meetings are held monthly to raise awareness among community members about Govt. schemes and rights & entitlements. The Samitis also help in strengthening linkages with Panchayati Raj Institutions and Govt. functionaries to access Govt. schemes and raise the concerns of women and the marginalized.

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Strengthening Local Self Governance

We work on strengthening local self governance, from both demand and supply side, by ensuring that women participate in monthly Panchayat meetings of their local village with their demands and attend Gram Sabha meetings to contribute to village development plan. We also do capacity building workshops of PRI representatives. 


Community Cadre

Promote and train a cadre of leaders known as Adhikaar Sakhis to negotiate with Govt. functionaries and PRIs on issues of community rights and entitlements. The Adhikaar Sakhis are also the point of contact for village members for help and support in accessing Govt. schemes and rights and entitlements. They also lead in mobilising members, provide knowledge, and take collective action from the community to fight social issues and demand accountability from government.

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