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Women Entreprenuer Program

About the Program

Since 2019, Ibtada has been working with over 200 women from various villages of Alwar, Rajasthan, and guiding them in their entrepreneurial journey. The women who are  part of the community cadre or sakhis are selected in the program by the team. Ibtada works continuously with them to help them start and grow their business. Local exposure visits to nearby markets and shopping districts are organized along with regular workshops around business accounts and finance. Financial assistance is also provided with the help of the Self-Help Groups and  Federations in their villages. 


Meet some of our Entrepreneurs!

Jyoti, Umrain

Jyoti began her journey two years ago, when she decided to convert one of her rooms in her house as a small cosmetic shop. She invested her time and energy into getting new material for her shop. Slowly her business picked up and her daily earning came to Rs. 1,500 to 2,000. With the support of her husband, she managed to save over 1.7 lakhs from her shop, which she is using to build three more shops. "Everyone knows my shop by my name- Jyoti ki dukaan. It fills me with immense pride! "


Harnum, Dhardidu

Harnum is a mother of two who runs her own shop in her village.  She became the sole earner fo the family after her husband's demise and started tailoring to support her family. She was encouraged by Ibtada team to set up a shop in her own house. She was guided by the team on loans. articles and finances. After just a year, Harnum's shop now earns over Rs. 1500 on a daily basis. She is currently extending her shop with the profits earned. 


Saroj, Dadar

Started with a small tailoring shop, Saroj decided to turn her passion for clothes into a business. At first, she rented a small space and put cosmetic articles in the shop along with her own stitched clothes. In just over 2 years, Saroj managed to not only buy the shop herself but also employ 6 women in her shop. As part of Ibtada's women entrepreneur program, Saroj has also trained over 20 women in the village and guided them through their entrepreneurial journey.  She even helped her husband open his own tea shop in the village!


Beena, Umrain

Beena had been a member of the local Selh-Help Group organised by Ibtada in her village. She approached the team with a desire to open her own shop in her village. Beena started with a small cosmetic shop and later expanded to another food and beverages shop. Every month she is able to pay Rs. 15,000 as EMIs alone from the profits from her shops. She is currently expanding to a third shop. 


Watch Their Journeys

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