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Support a migrant family for 1 month in Alwar


Our organisation Ibtada is helping 1000 very poor families of daily wage workers of Alwar who have lost their livelihoods due to closure of factories in the ongoing corona pandemic. We are providing these families with emergency relief packages of dry food and essential supplies for one month. Please contribute and help these families not sleep on hungry stomachs. Your help at this time will go a long way in preventing acute hunger and distress of children, women and men of Alwar.


About Ibtada:

Ibtada is an NGO operating in Alwar district of Rajasthan for the empowerment of women and girl children. We promote women's institutions around SHGs, clusters, federations, and production companies, work on strengthening their livelihoods and facilitate their access to rights and entitlements. 


You need to contribute INR 500 (US$ 8.13 ) for providing weekly food kit to one family. Please support as many families as you can.


Help us in fighting this together!

(If not the whole amount, you can contribute min. ₹500.00 for this cause)

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