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Vegetable cultivation adds income

Twenty-six-year-old Mrs. Rehana belongs to Chand SHG of Bhuwaka village in Ramgarh block. She was selected as Krishi sakhi on 20th May 2017, supporting 50 farmers in cash

crop cultivation to increase their agricultural income.

Rehana's own family owns 2.5 bigha of land where they would grow grains mainly bajra nd wheat. After associating with Ibtada's Krishi Sakhi program, she was given information about vegetable cultivation and its advantages over growing grains. The training encouraged her enough to plant coriander and sugar beet in one bigha of her land and in rest of the land she grew cotton (1 bigha) and bajra (0.5 bigha).

At the end of the season, she had earned Rs. 75000 from selling coriander leaves and sugar beet. She also earned Rs.32000 and Rs 8000 from cotton and bajra respectively. Her total earning was Rs.115000 during kharif.

As a result of this good income, she has now started cultivating vegetables (tomato, onion and coriander) in one bigha of her land while continuing to plant food grains and cotton in the rest of the land. This mixed cropping has reduced her dependence on a single crop and also increased income with inclusion of cash crops and vegetables in the cropping.

Along side, as Krishi Sakhi she has motivated 55 farmers from her village to grow cotton and moong in this Zaid season. Her own experience and the results of Krishi training have been key in the farmers trusting her advice. Today, farmers of Bhuwaka village respect her as Krishi sakhi and take advice for improved crop cultivation practices from her.




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