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Donate / Support the Transport Facility for One Girl for a Year

Support the Transport Facility for One Girl for a Year



Girls in rural areas have to drop out of higher education (high school and college) owing poor transport facilities from their village to the place of education. This contribution will hep to cover the costs of transport for one girl from their place of residence to their place of education. With your support, one girl will get the opprtunity to study further and see what the future holds for her!


(If not the whole amount, you can contribute min. ₹500.00 for this cause)

About Shiksha ki Udaan

40% adolescent girls (15 -19 years age) are out of school and colleges in India!

We started the 'Shiksha ki Udaan' initiative to change that. With crowdfunding support from 60+ individual donors in 2017, we began providing transport facility and college fee support for girls pursuing secondary, higher secondary and college education helping them write their own future.


With your help

  • We’ve sent 227 girls to schools and colleges

  • 28% girls covered are from minority communities

  • 115 girls are availing college fee support

But we’re not done yet! We need your help to enable more girls to attend school.

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