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Ibtada’s motivator brings change in teacher’s working style

Chhailai ka bas is a small village 6-7 km away from Khairthal. Mrs Aasha is a para teacher in the Primary School here. The school has an enrollment of 50 students but only about 15 would turn up. The school did not open on time, closed early and the people of the village were also not happy with Mrs Aasha's performance.

Ibtada started its work with the school in August 2017. Motivator teacher, Imran, placed in the school worked with total honesty and diligence. He was able to win the trust of the children and the community. Since November 2017, attendance improved significantly with 40-45 students turning up daily. School also started opening and closing on time. People appreciated the work of Imran and the encouragement from the SMC persuaded Aasha Ji also to put in extra effort. Her attitude started changing slowly.

In the month of April, Ibtada’s Project Coordinator of Kishangarh Bas Mr. Ratti Mohammad met with her and discussed the changes that have happened in the school. She appreciated the support Ibtada provided to the school and talked about the change in her also. When Ratti Mohammad asked Aasha ji if working with Imran has brought any changes her own style of working; Aasha ji replied with a laugh, “Yes of course. Previously when students coming to school were few in number, she found it hard to be motivated to come and take interest in the teaching work. Now she has started working with students with renewed interest.”

A new teacher, Anil, has also been posted since November 2017. He also works with and supports Imran and has been able to win the confidence of the community. Currently 71 students are enrolled in school out of which over 60 attend school regularly.

Today, people have also started appreciating the work of Aasha ji and she also tries to give her best!



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