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Ibtada wins PoleStar Award for "Best Social Impact in Empowerment" 2019

At the 3rd Annual PoleStar Awards celebration on 31st January, 2020, Ibtada won the award for 'Best Social Impact in Empowerment' category. We started in the year 1997 with a vision of a society where poor and deprived social groups are economically, socially and politically empowered to take part in development processes and have equal rights and access to resources that abridges poverty, deprivation, and discrimination.

To fulfill this vision, we have been working works towards empowering women and girls in rural Mewat of Rajasthan by the promotion of SHGs, federations and women-owned producers’ companies, and promoting women-led livelihoods and working on access to rights and entitlement, education and life skills education of adolescent girls.

The PoleStar Foundation is an independent trust established in 1998 to recognize excellence in journalism and social impact in India. In 2017, the Foundation introduced this new category of awards to recognize excellence in social development initiatives. Accordingly, four awards were given in each of the following categories: Education, Livelihood, Health, and Empowerment. Ibtada’s Founder & Executive Director Mr. Rajesh Singhi accepted the award on behalf of Ibtada.



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