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School Management Committee (SMC) changes the face of primary school

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Pahadibas, a predominantly Meo community village, is located 19 km from Alwar city towards Kisangadh Bas. When surveyed in August 2017, the Govt. Upper Primary School (for class 1 to 8) in this village had 7 rooms and 6 teachers. Around the same time, as part of the Learning Outcome Improvement Programme with Schools, Ibtada sent its motivator teacher to this school as well. Since Ibtada had an formal understanding with the Education Department, the motivator was allowed to start his educational activities with the children in the school.

The school administration, however, refused to cooperate in other activities. School Management Committee (SMC) meetings were not held, meetings with community members were frowned upon and parents were not even allowed to enter the school premises. Aas Mohammad – SMC Chairperson- was an very active member of the community. He used to enquire and was concerned about the school's progress. He once called Ibtada’s Block Coordinator Ompal to talk with the Headmistress of the school. But he was asked to leave the school premise after an earful from her. Ompal felt bad but continued his efforts along with Aas Mohammad to build a dialogue with the school. This complete breakdown of dialogue led to growing distance between the school and community and resulted in reduced enrollment numbers. There was not even a single SMC meeting during the entire year.

In June 2018, the headmistress was transferred when villagers complained to higher officials. The new HM, Zubair Khan, was an energetic and active person with a positive outlook. He understood and appreciated the value a robust SMC brings and the first SMC meeting of the school took place in July 2018. SMC was willing to help in the functioning of school. Now, monthly SMC meetings started to happen in which SMC members expressed their views about the school.

Zubair Khan asked for financial help from the community as well as Ibtada for academic and physical transformation of the school. Ibtada supported with an amount of Rs 40000. SMC and the community also responded by helping collect Rs 70,000 from the villagers.

Now the meetings are taking place every month. Academic performance of students has seen improvement. School infrastructure has been refurbished. Walls have been plastic painted, TLM has been prepared and water & light facilities have been provided now. Children as well as the community members now find coming to school. Building a boundary is in the pipeline.

Credit for this change goes to the SMC supported well by the new Headmaster. This school now stands out!




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